Saab 2000 MPA With Selex AESA Radar On Offer To Indian Navy’s Medium Range Maritime Reconnaissance (MRMR) Program

The Saab 2000 multi-role Maritime Patrol Aircraft equipped with an
AESA radar and a Saab RBS 15 anti-ship missiles is being offered to the
Indian Navy to meet the growing challenges in India’s maritime domain
stretching across 2 million square km.
The Active Electronically
Scanned Array (AESA) radar onboard SAAB 2000 MPA is a modern high
performance system that supports the full range of maritime surveillance
and coherent imaging modes used for both naval and overland operations. 
Saab 2000 MPA which is being offered for India’s Medium Range
Maritime Reconnaissance (MRMR) program will be equipped with a
state-of-art Selex AESA radar and RBS 15 Anti Ship Missile. 
AESA radar provides Saab 2000 MPA with Identification Friend-or-Foe
(IFF) capability with customized interrogator functions. The AESA
surveillance radar is supported by a Saab R4A AIS transponder
receiver/transmitter system for locating and identifying any naval
The AIS system also provides an encrypted data link. For close
range detection, identification and recording of surface objects and
activities, Saab 2000 MPA incorporates Electro-Optic (HDTV) and Thermal
Imager sensors. The Saab 2000 MPA system incorporates an ELINT system
providing the capability to intercept and collect intelligence
information consisting of detailed information of e.g. complex emitters
active signal components, the relationship and the dynamics between
active signal components.

The Saab 2000 MPA on offer is also
equipped with an ESM system for automatic identification of RF signal
sources and Direction Finding of RF signal sources with high accuracy.
For self protection, a SPS system is installed including radar warning
receivers, missile approach warning sensors, laser warning sensors as
well as chaff and flare dispensers.

The Saab 2000 MPA comes
equipped with a COMINT system that complements the baseline ELINT system
for enhanced SIGINT capabilities. The installed COMINT system includes
both a Direction Finder function and an Intercept System.

Saab 2000 MPA is equipped with a Command & Control (C2) system that
integrates, and assists in controlling all mission sensors and provides
the user interface to mission operators, via four (4) workstations
installed side-by-side in the cabin facing starboard, and to the pilots
via a dedicated tactical display. The workstations also provide access
to the mission communication system.

The Saab 2000 MPA has a
cruising speed of 350 knots, it can climb to an altitude of 20,000 ft in
10 minutes, reaching operating area 1,000 nautical miles afar within
three hours. It can operate from high altitude airfields, taking off
with maximum load and fuel even at very hot temperatures. Flight safety
is maintained throughout all flight conditions, including single engine
operations, where the aircraft can maintain altitude at 20,000 ft. The
Saab 2000 MPA can operate at a maximum range exceeding 2000 nautical
miles, with mission endurance exceeding 9.5 hours. The Saab 2000 MPA can
carry out a mission covering a 200 nm Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) for
5.5 hours at an altitude of 2,000 ft, or longer patrol times at higher
altitudes even up to 31000 ft. The aircraft on offer comes with promised
35,000 flight hours and a guaranteed support for 25 years by SAAB.

Saab 2000 MPA comes equipped with Saab RBS 15 anti-ship missile system.
Its unique Command & Control (C2) system facilitates a seamless
planning of missile launching zones, trajectories and target seeking
activities. The missile launching sequence and priming are controlled by
customized Store Management Unit. 

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