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A Brave Soilder Capt Waqas Zameer Shaheed Sitara-e-Jurrat Which Makes The Pakistani Nation Proud

Capt Waqas Zameer Shaheed, a gifted child, a humble n smiling MCJ cadet, an ideal PMA senior, a high profile officer, a hardcore soldier, a lovely son, a caring brother, and most of all a ” SHAHEED” for the nation CAPTAIN Waqas Zameer Shaheed ( Sitara-e-jurat) (peacetime equivalent of nishan-e-Haider ).

“On the night of 28th july Waqas was called from Kanju post as he was going back home after a highly successfull stay at swat for 15 FF.He talked to his family that he's coming. But later that night an operation was planned to search and cordon 5 to 10 miscreants. His junior LT Mohsin said ' sir app raat k jagay hain mai chala jata hun'.He refused and with a smile replied “lalay apna khayal rakhen”.

He then offered prayers with his troops recited Surah Kausar and motivated them. The operation was now started. Waqas was the commander and was leadin 3 APC’S with infantry troops of 6 AK. On their way, the miscreants fired RPGs at Waqas’s APC, which missed nd waqas shot dead the person who fired them. As they went a bit forward, fire from all sides opened at them. They had the wrong information about 5-10 miscreants, which turned out to be above 100.

During the fierce fight, some soldiers were injured, and Waqas jumped off his APC, and by using the tactics of fire and movement, he started to save the injured men. The battle went on for about 5 hours, as he shifted 14 injured soldiers. Waqas was in the APC as they were about to move, one of the six AK got shot. Waqas shouted “isay uthao”, but every person was in his position. He jumped off his APC, picked the injured soldier on his shoulders and was carrying towards the APC, when he got hit on his chest. He yelled 'Allah-u-Akbar' and fell towards the ground, but ordered the men to carry the injured soldier towards APC. When Waqas was shifted towards the APC, he was severly bleeding with his mouth stuffed with thick blood, and couldnt speak. Hence he pick his finger towards the sky, trying to say Shahadat, and embaraced martyrdom.

"we recieved his body after 32 hours of his departure but even den fresh blood was coming ( MAshallah ) wid both hands in da same position (mashallah ) .. n as v wer about to bury him .. uski ankhien khud ba khud band hugai ( Mashallah) .. ajj bi uski kabar se khushbu aati hai .."

All the 15 soldiers he saved that day, including the final AK, are alive today (MashAllah).

The Voice Of Brave Pakistani  Soilders


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