China Deploys N-Capable CSS-5 MRBMs On Indian Border: US

China has deployed more advanced and survivable solid-fuel nuclear
capable CSS-5 MRBM missiles against India as a ‘deterrent posture’,
Pentagon has said warning that a high degree of mistrust continues to
strain their bilateral ties.
The PLA has replaced liquid-fueled, nuclear-capable CSS-2 IRBMs with
more advanced and survivable solid-fueled CSS-5 MRBM systems to
strengthen its deterrent posture relative to India, the Pentagon has
said in its annual report on Chinese military build up to the Congress.

The report also says that Beijing is pumping in huge investments on
border infrastructure developments laying more roads and rail network
along the Sino-Indian border.

“Although this construction is primarily aimed at facilitating economic
development in western China, improved roads could also support PLA
border defense operations,” it said.

Pentagon said that New Delhi remains concerned by China’s close military
ties with Pakistan and its growing footprints in the Indian Ocean,
Central Asia and Africa.