Turkey’s T-129 Attack Helicopter Prototype Makes First Successful Flight

The first flight, conducted by TAI’s test pilots, of T129 “P6” prototype
helicopter has timely and successfully been completed at TAI’s
facilities in Akıncı (Ankara).

The ATAK Program was initiated with the aim to meet the Attack/Tactical
Reconnaissance Helicopter requirements of the Turkish Land Forces
Command (TLF) by the integration of high-tech avionic equipment,
hardware and software which will be developed in Turkey.

The first flight of the P6 prototype marks an important milestone in the
ATAK Program such that; being the first of a total of three T129
prototypes to be assembled in Turkey, it shows the level of technology
achieved by Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc.

Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. (TAI) is the center of technology in
design, development, manufacturing, integration of aerospace systems,
modernization and after sales support in Turkey. Located in Ankara –
Turkey, TAI’s modern aircraft facilities are furnished with high
technology machinery and equipment that provide extensive manufacturing
capabilities. TAI has a total of 3928 highly motivated employees, 1200
of whom are engineers. 

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