United Aircraft President Pogosyan Says Market For 600 PAK-FA Fighters—MAKS 2011

PAK FA And SU-35
United Aircraft president Mikhail Pogosyan believes there is a market for 600 of the Sukhoi
PAK-FA fifth-generation fighter, which finally made its public
appearance at MAKS and is due to enter service with the Russian air
force in 2015 or 2016.
The prototype, one of two undergoing flight tests, is Russia’s answer to the Lockheed Martin
F-22 stealth fighter. The first test flight was in January 2010, and
United Aircraft sid a total of 16 flights have been made. Two more
aircraft will join the flight test programme this year and a further two
in 2012. 
Moscow has a requirement for around 200 of the single-seat aircraft,
while India plans to buy around 200 aircraft, which are likely to be
slightly larger and be twin-seaters. Its engineers and scientists are
working on this programme jointly with the Russians, and contributing
towards its development costs. Pogosyan believes another 200 export
sales could be added as foreign air forces look to replace or add to
legacy Soviet types. “There is a huge pool of MiG and Sukhoi customers
that know our aircraft. We have very close relations with these
customers,” he said in an interview with Flightglobal at MAKS.
The PAK-FA, which is known internally as the T-50, reportedly makes
heavy use of composites. It has two Saturn “Item 117” engines and an
indigenously designed active electronically scanned array radar.
The delta-wing fighter has a small radar cross-section in radar,
optical and infrared range, said Sukhoi, and large deeply-set intakes.
It also has small, canted horizontal and vertical tail surfaces to boost
stealth, the company added.
Sukhoi also plans to export the aircraft, which has been included in
the initial list of types South Korea is considering for its F-X III
tender. It could compete against the Boeing F-15K, Eurofighter Typhoon and Lockheed Martin F-35 if it is shortlisted.
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