News OF China’s Mysterious VTOL J-18 Red Eagle Stealth Fighter Jet

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Recently, China’s VTOL aircraft J-18 become the focus of attention.
Phoenix’s military observation program focused on 31 August resolve the
J-18. Some people think that J-20 high-profile appearance for the J-18
to do a cover, is said J-18 is better than J-20.

The West is disturbed not only the Chinese aircraft market potential,
China’s J-10 fighter and other advanced technology is that they keep a
close eye target. United States, “Defense News” published a news that
according to reliable military intelligence revealed that China’s new
4.5 generation heavy fighter J-18 (Chinese name “Red Eagle”) was
officially put at the Shenyang Aircraft long.

Main parameters of the J-18

J-18 China’s fourth-generation air superiority fighter. With
forward-swept wing design agency, China’s fourth air superiority
fighter. Can be a successful maiden flight over the U.S. F-22, F-35.
Service time is expected around 2015.

(1), J-18 “Red Eagle” parameter:

Wingspan: 15.2 m

Length: 22.4 m

Height: 4.94 m

Total weight: 47 tons

Empty weight: 20.5 tons

Maximum payload: 12.5 tons

Maximum speed: 3100 km / h

Maximum range: 8500 one thousand meters

(2), F-22 “Raptor” parameter:

Wingspan: 13.56 m

Length: 18.92 m

Height: 5 m

Total weight: 36 tons

Empty weight: 13.6 tons

Maximum payload :6-7 t

Maximum speed: 2335 km / h

Maximum range: 4830 one thousand meters

Significance of J -18 offline

Fighter with a lot of advanced technology, complete winning contemporary
Western main fighters (3 to 4 generations), the 21st century will be
China’s air force one mid-battle equipment. United States, “Defense
News” also reported that the aircraft has a super-stealth
characteristics, and installation of a laser active phased array radar,
built-in weapons bay and two large thrust-vectoring engines. “Defense
News” emphasized that the U.S. is also an advanced F-22 fighters that do
not possess the characteristics. “

  J-18 fighter prototype off the assembly line level indicates that China
has fully reached the world advanced level, type of strategic
intercontinental aircraft in the lead. In the United States tried to
interfere in the Taiwan issue, the more voice and initiative.

As China has been outside of this advanced fighter strictly
confidential, so the Western media only from other aircraft performance
on China speculation. ITAR reports, when Russian Defense Minister Sergei
Ivanov said China, Russia will consider the sale of Su-34 fighters to
China, and does not rule out China’s participation in the development of
fifth generation fighter. Russia made the above statement, in addition
to political relations between the two countries, but may also be
because the Chinese aircraft manufacturing level has been a major
breakthrough, even in some of the leading world level.

U.S. response

Fisher Heritage Foundation in the United States to the US-China Economic
and Security Review Commission’s report said the middle of China,
Shenyang Aircraft Factory production of the J -18 fighter for the U.S.
military and homeland security pose a serious threat to the United
States must increase the funding and scientific research, the 5th
generation fighter in 2009 fielded forces, continue to maintain China’s
strategic advantage. United States, “Defense News” reports, the U.S.
Defense Department will hold an emergency meeting to study the
adjustment of the U.S. in Okinawa, Korea, mainland Japan and other Asian
bases of military deployment, and is likely to increase in Asia and
Taiwan region F-22, F-35’s number, in response to “Red Eagle” threat.

Russia’s “Global Affairs” magazine also comments that: “We have every
reason to believe that China will not like the aircraft manufacturing
industry in the 1950s as a replica of a Soviet factory, but go more
their own special way of new business, and sincerely hope J -18
successful test flight. ” 

George Kennan (the U.S. military commentator): The recent disclosure of
U.S. satellite photos, a secret military base in Inner Mongolia, China
has a new aircraft in flight frequency tired of it! What? It is the
secret of successful test flight of China’s current “China’s first
vertical takeoff and landing fighter aircraft”, following the service
after the J-20 J-18.

We are here for some of the relevant information is still to us through
the past to avoid some of China’s “enlightened person” message. However,
very little. China to take strict measures a large scale, security
agencies and supervision of staff, a large presence in the test site.

The Chinese people learned the past few leaks. They do not allow those
technicians to go home, communication. Even cell phones will be checked.
Also not allowed to use camera phones as well as all digital cameras.

Now the top of the upper part of its plant, the application of a heavy
thickness of lead, zinc laid outside the reflective material. In
addition, the device uses the early development of the practice of the
Mao era, systematic design is terminated into a group design.

The project includes 13 project teams. Each team can only be responsible for 1-2 projects.

To see his face in fact, unless you can put all the engineering and
technical personnel, designers brought together. The overall project
designer, designers. So far no detailed information is not available to
the outside world.

Open a number of sheets on the network of J-18 took off picture, a
picture of them clearly see the front wing, although the picture is
fuzzy, blurry photos to forge such, it is very difficult. But can be
sure, the U.S. F35

J-18 is a clone of the letter. J -18 fighter aircraft
is a VTOL aircraft, it can be said is China’s first such aircraft.

Russia, the Chinese military has taken a more mature and direct the
design of supersonic cruise aircraft has an excellent ability to do
battle with today’s performance vehicles have a clear advantage can not
be compared.

Although China has repeatedly hidden his whereabouts. However, we still
know his through satellite photos on the physical state of the ground
there. Test has been going on several times.