North Korea Reportedly Jams U.S. Aircraft's GPS, Forcing Emergency Landing

A U.S. military reconnaissance aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing after coming under electronic attack from North Korea, Agence France Press reported Friday.

AFP, which reported that the jamming occurred in March during a joint U.S.-South Korean military exercise, attributed the information to an unidentified aide to opposition lawmaker Kyu-Baek. The aide said the incident was disclosed in a report that Seoul's Defense Ministry submitted Thursday to of Parliament's Defense Committee.

According to the aide, the U.S. aircraft was forced to land about 45 minutes after takeoff when jamming signals from the North Korean cities of Haeju and Kaesong disrupted its global positioning system (GPS) as it was taking part in the annual exercisel, Key Resolve, AFP said.

There was no immediate confirmation of the incident or comment from the Pentagon.


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