Pakistan To Seek latest Chinese Third Generation Nuclear Technology

Pakistan plans to import the latest Chinese nuclear technology, a senior
Pakistani government official said on Wednesday, reported China Daily
on Saturday.

“Pakistan is in discussions with Chinese companies for imports of the
third-generation nuclear technology,” said Pakistan’s Minister of
Science and Technology Mir Changez Khan Jamali. The minister said that
he hoped the latest technology can be acquired by Pakistan in one or two
China has helped with two reactors at Pakistan’s Chashma nuclear power
plant, both of which use second-generation technology. Pakistan has a
third 300-megawatt (MW) reactor under construction at Chashma, financed
by China. There are plans for more Chinese reactors in Pakistan,
according to the World Nuclear Association.

China is developing its first domestic third-generation nuclear reactor –
the CAP 1400 – which is based on Westinghouse Electric Co’s AP1000
pressurised water reactor, and it will boost the unit’s generating
capacity to 1,400 MW from 1,154 MW.

Construction of the first CAP1400 unit is scheduled to start in
Rongcheng, Shandong province, in 2013. CAP 1400 is an indigenous
technology, with intellectual property rights owned by the State Nuclear
Power Technology Corp under an agreement with Westinghouse. Preliminary
designs for the technology will be completed by the end of this year.
But preparations for the construction of the first CAP 1400 unit, which
were due to start this year, were delayed after the Fukushima nuclear
incident in March.Following the Japanese nuclear leak, the Chinese
government announced that it would suspend approvals for nuclear power
stations and conduct full safety checks of all nuclear projects,
including those under construction. Despite safety concerns, industry
participants are still committed to nuclear energy.