US Confirms $5bn Taiwan F-16 Fighter Jet Upgrade Deal

The US has confirmed plans to upgrade Taiwan's ageing fleet of F-16 US-built fighter planes.

China considers Taiwan part of its territory and has warned Washington not to proceed with the $5bn (£3bn) deal.

China's foreign ministry expressed his country's "strong indignation" over the move, saying it would damage ties.

But the US is legally bound to help Taiwan defend itself, and the move comes as China's military superiority over Taiwan has steadily increased.

China's Vice-Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun called the decision "grave interference" in the country's internal affairs which sent a "gravely mistaken signal to pro-Taiwan independence separatist forces".

In a statement on the ministry's website, Mr Zhang said: "It must be pointed out that this wrongful course by the US side will unavoidably damage Sino-American relations and co-operation and exchanges in the military, security and other fields".


g0n3_cR4zY ! said...

I feel its a good move. Not just its morally and ethically right on the part of the US but also its a part of any military deal and the right of Taiwan to upgrade its fleet. I feel this was motivated by the stand that India took against China when they asked India to stay out of oil explorations in the South China Sea with Taiwan.

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