India Preparing For Conventional War With Pakistan, Claims Pakistani Newspaper

Indo-Pak War
ISLAMABAD: Recent developments on the eastern border have alarmed
Pakistani policymakers and military officials, who are keenly observing
India’s preparations for a conventional war with Pakistan in the context
of the Cold Start war doctrine, a Pakistani newspaper has said.

There has been a chain of developments, all tied to the overall scheme
of things, which aims at destabilising its neighbour and building a
formidable war machine to strike within the Pakistani borders, The News

First, in the context of current events, is Afghan President Hamid
Karzai’s recent visit to New Delhi and the signing of a strategic accord
with India at the heels of High Peace Council leader Burhanuddin
Rabbani’s assassination.

“While one side of the equation that has been brought into the spotlight
shows that the accord will pave the way for India to train the Afghan
armed forces and police, the other side that remains veiled could
contain clauses that may affect Pakistan’s internal and external
security,” the paper said.

“According to policymakers here in Islamabad, the accord requires
careful thought at all levels. The critical point to remember is that
India has no role whatsoever in Afghanistan yet Indian interference and
policies are at the root of many of the problems that Pakistan is facing
today,” it added.

Secondly, the Indian army is holding a massive two-month long winter
exercise- involving battle tanks and artillery guns besides Indian Air
Force assets- at the Pakistan border, bringing a potent strike corps,
the Bhopal based 21 Corps, in the Rajasthan desert, the paper said.

“Intriguingly, ‘Sudarshan Chakra’ Corps will be aiming to build its
capacities for “breaching the hostile army’s defences and capturing
important strategic assets deep inside enemy territory.” The exercise is
the third of its kind this year… The question is: why is India
holding three massive war games in a year at the Pakistan border that
aim at capturing important strategic assets deep inside the enemy
territory?” it added.

Third, a key development across the border has been the deployment of
Su-30 fighter aircraft near the Pakistan border, the paper said, adding
that the significance of the fact that the aircraft is the most
sophisticated in the region and that it has been deployed along the
Pakistan border at this crucial juncture is not lost on policymakers in

Two other related but under-reported events have been the extension
of the runway at Kargil by India and its decision to acquire six more
C-130J aircraft, the latest version of the intractable workhorse,
reinforcing fears in Islamabad that New Delhi is preparing for a war
that may engulf the whole region, the paper said.

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