China’s Navy Building Strong Submarine Fleet

The Chinese Navy is expected to procure 30 more submarines by 2020 and
bring the total from the current 62 to 100 by 2030, Hong Kong’s Ming Pao
daily reported on Tuesday.

According to the paper, the U.S. has 75 subs, 26 of them deployed in the
Asia-Pacific region. China is building up its Navy, including
retrofitting its first aircraft carrier.

Bloomberg News quoted experts as predicting that Asia-Pacific nations will have up to 86 more subs by 2020.

Beijing is not revealing the cost of the subs, but Macau-based military
affairs analyst Huang Dong estimates it at US$200 million per sub or $6
billion for 30.

“The Pentagon and its allies will focus spending on devices able to spot
subs even in the noisiest shipping lanes as China’s naval build-up
heightens tensions with neighboring nations and underscores the need to
secure commercial shipping flows.