Russia Denies Indian Media Allegations Over Indian T-90 Tank Contract

Moscow is puzzled over Indian media rumors
claiming that Russia refuses to fulfill a decade-old contract on
licensed production of T-90S main battle tanks in India, a Russian defense industry source said.

“The Russian side is timely and completely
fulfilling all agreements with India on the licensed production of T-90
tanks, including the delivery of all necessary components and the
transfer of technical documentation,”
the source said on Tuesday.

India’s Business Standard said on November 28 that the licensed
production of T-90 tanks was “hamstrung by Moscow’s obstruction in
transferring technology and the Russian-built assemblies needed even for
the India-built tanks.”

“It is difficult to say why these allegations have emerged,” the
Russian source said, adding that all controversial issues on the arms
contracts with India are promptly resolved by the Russian-Indian
intergovernmental commission on military-technical cooperation.

India ordered 310 T-90s in 2001 following delays in the manufacturing of
the indigenous Arjun main battle tank and Pakistan’s decision to
purchase the T-80 from Ukraine. A contract was also signed for the
licensed production of another 1,000 T-90s.

Initial disagreements with Russia over transfer of technology were
resolved at the end of 2008, according to official statements on both

Only 150 T-90S have been built so far at the Heavy Vehicle Factory (HVF) in Avadi, Chennai.

According to other publications in the Indian media, a slow rate of
production has been caused by the failure of some Indian sub-contractors
to fulfill their obligations under the contract.