USA Treats Russians As Indians Whose Interests Can Be Ignored

US and NATO officials were disappointed with Dmitry Medvedev’s recent
harsh statements about Russia’s intention to pull out from the Strategic
Arms Reduction Treaty. NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen was
one of the first to respond to Medvedev’s statements.

“The suggestion that deployment of missiles in the areas neighboring the
alliance is an appropriate response … is very disappointing. NATO’s
missile defense system [is] designed to defend against threats from
outside Europe. Not designed to alter balance of deterrence,” Rasmussen
wrote via Twitter.

“Cooperation, not confrontation, is the way ahead,” he added.

However, the USA still refuses to give legal guarantees saying that the
air defense system in Europe is not aimed against Russia.
Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, the President of the Academy of
Geopolitical Problems, said in an interview with Pravda.Ru that there
were two basic positions determined in the START-3 Treaty (the document
was signed a year ago).

“The first one of them virtually reflected the degradation of Russia’s
strategic nuclear forces. The second one mirrored the transformation of
the American defense potential. The USA could afford a planned reduction
of missile launchers because the country set the course for the
development of the air defense system and cruise missiles.

“The Americans believe today that it’s ok for the Russians to pull out
from the START Treaty. The Americans are not losing anything from it,
whereas the Russian are not gaining anything either. Unfortunately, the
Americans are perfectly aware of the fact that the Russian defense
complex has been declining. They know that Russia has its limits in
responding to USA’s and NATO’s challenges. How many Iskander systems can
Russia make? The Iskander systems, which everyone could see on the
Victory Day Parade on Red Square were not operational. Up to 63 percent
of the Russian air space is not protected today.

“Unfortunately, Russia has not been making successive decisions during
the recent years. The USA pulled out from the ABM Treaty, but Russia
continued to hold joint military drills and share technical information
with the country. Afterwards, Russia became concerned all of a sudden.
Then, Russia was dissatisfied with any kind of air defense, so we put
forward a suggestion to build air defense system together. We shouldn’t
rush like that – no one is going to take us seriously otherwise.

“America has been successive from the very start. Now the Americans
intend to develop the air defense system to be able to neutralize
Russian and Chinese missiles. It is about time Russia should make up her
mind on what exactly she wants from the US.

“Perhaps, Russia today is the best place for the activities of
Western intelligence services and non-governmental organizations. The
West does not take Russia as an equal partner. They think of Russians as
Indians, whose interests can be ignored.

What if they eventually agree to provide those legal guarantees about
air defense to Russia? They will have to be approved at the adequate
committee of the US Senate, which is not likely to happen.

“Of course, the USA and NATO agree to continue the talks. However, they
take this cooperation as concessions that Russia should make for them
single-handed. They demand – we make concessions. We delivered all laser
weapons technologies to them during Boris Yeltsin’s era. Still, they
are expecting more concessions from us.”