French Air Force Eurosam Mamba system Successfully Scored A Direct Hit On A Ballistic Missile

The French air force has successfully carried out the first interception of a theater ballistic missile-type threat on November 14 thanks to the sensors and systems deployed by DGA at its Biscarrosse missile range.

DGA had carried out the first engagement of a similar threat in October 2010.

This firing of an Aster 30 missile from a Système Sol-Air Moyenne Portée Terrestre (surface-to-air, medium-range ground-based air-defence system, or SAMP/T) operated by the air force trials wing, CEAM, is a major milestone for the French air force’s air-defence capabilities.

This successful firing complements a previous one, in September, when the “Servance” air-defence squadron deployed at Luxeuil-les-Bains (air base n° 116) intercepted a target representative of a conventional threat (i.e., an attacking aircraft).

The SAMP/T is a French-Italian system – the first one in Europe – capable of such performance. Christened Mamba in French air force service, the system will allow the French air force, by the summer of 2012, to assume full responsibility for the air defence of French forces deployed overseas.

It will also be used to defend high-value targets on French territory.

According to the current program, DGA is to deliver ten SAMP/T systems to the French air force. 


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