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Indian Decision On MRCA Combat Aircraft Within Fortnight

The defence ministry (MoD) indicates a decision is imminent about whether the Air Force will buy the Typhoon or Rafale.

The review terms 2011 ‘The Decisive Year for the MMRCA,’ suggesting the winner of the contest to sell India 126 medium multi-role combat aircraft could be announced this fortnight.

In April, the MoD eliminated Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Mikoyan and Saab, leaving only Dassault’s Rafale and Eurofighter’s Typhoon in the fray. On November 4, the two commercial bids were opened. The IAF has given a comparative evaluation and the ball is now in the MoD’s court.

Once the winning bid is announced, the MoD will convene a ‘Contract Negotiation Committee’ to negotiate a final price. MoD sources indicate that price quoted by both vendors is significantly higher than the Rs 42,000 crore the Union Cabinet cleared for this purchase. 


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