Pakistani Army Officials Shocked To See Over Two Dozen Jewish Soldiers At The Shamsi Airbase

Pakistani security officials were shocked to see over two dozen Jewish
soldiers at the Shamsi Airbase, deemed as a key station for launching
airstrikes in Afghanistan and northwestern areas of Pakistan, sources

The sources said that the Pakistani officials visited the airbase for
the immigration of US officials in the wake of cabinet decision to
evacuate the base after a Nato raid in Mohmand Agency that killed 24
soldiers last month.

A security official requesting anonymity told that the Jewish soldiers
were introduced to Pakistani officials as Americans, but Islamabad
thinks that the Jewish soldiers were under cover agents of Israel and
were deployed in Pakistan for espionage purpose.

They said that the Jews’ deployment was amid at spying on Pakistan, China and Afghanistan.

Relations between some time allies Pakistan and the United States have
plunges to new low after Islamabad adopted harder stance in reaction to
the deadly Nato assault, suspending Nato supplies to US-led forces
based in Afghanistan and giving a deadline to the US to leave its Shamsi
Anti-American sentiments are running high in Pakistan while the Nato raid also drew nationwide protests.