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Russia Tests Fired Domestice Anti-Ballistic Interceptor Missile

Russia carried out a successful test of a short-range interceptor
missile on Tuesday as a part of its effort to develop a domestic missile
defense shield, the Defense Ministry said.

The missile was launched from the Sary-Shagan (Kazakhstan) shooting range, the Ministry’s spokesperson said.

The goal of the test was to confirm the technical characteristics of the missile used by the Defense Ministry’s Space Command.

Russia’s Defense Ministry uploaded a video of the missile’s launch on its web site.

The test comes a month after the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said
that if Moscow’s participation in the European missile defense project
fails, Russia would deploy Iskander tactical missiles in the Kaliningrad
Region and halt its disarmament and arms control efforts, including
participation in the new strategic arms reduction treaty with the United

Russia-NATO missile defense talks are close to deadlock as Moscow is
seeking written, legally binding guarantees that the U.S.-backed
European missile defense program will not be directed against it.
Washington, however, refuses to provide the guarantees, saying the
shield is directed against threats from Iran and North Korea.