US Eyeing Sale OF Armed Drones To Key Allies Including India

US is Eyeing to sell its battle proved armed drones to key allies,
including India, but the move is being opposed by lawmakers who don’t
want the technology to be exported.

“The Pentagon wants more North Atlantic Treaty
Organization members to have such pilotless aircraft to ease the burden
on the US in Afghanistan and in future conflicts like the alliance’s air
campaign in Libya this year,” Obama Administration officials were
quoted by The Wall Street Journal as saying.

It is believed that India would be one of the potential target countries for the US to sell its drones.

India has been purchasing drones from Israel for quite some time now,
and has been developing its drone capabilities, but does not have armed
drones like the Predators and Reapers used by US security agencies with
devastating effect against al-Qaeda and Taliban targets.

“The Pentagon’s proposed sales have set off a behind-the-scenes debate
between the administration and some members of Congress over whether the
US should speed the spread of a technology that will allow other

countries to carry out military strikes by remote control,” the report

Drones have been highly successful in the war against terrorism in
Afghanistan and also in countries like Yemen and Somalia.

However, the report some lawmakers are resisting to such a move from the Administration.