Russian Media Says--United States Next Year Will Replace Russia As India’s Largest Arms Importer

According to the Russian world arms trade center site on 20 January reported that Russia will continue to be India’s first year major source of arms for the country. It is estimated that Russia and India in 2012 on weapons and military equipment exports will total about $ 7.7 billion, is expected to account for the total amount of Russian arms exports to over 60% of India’s arms imports accounted for about 80%. However, from 2013, Russia and India as the largest source of arms for the country’s position will be replaced by the United States. 

Russian World Weapons Analysis Center released U.S. report shows that Russian-Indian military-technical cooperation in the field this year will implement a number of major trading scheme. It should be noted that a considerable part of the transaction which is based on a previous contract implementation. Among them, one of the highest value end of the year was undoubtedly the Russian deliveries to the Indian Navy, “Admiral Gorshkov” aircraft carrier. For modernization of the cost of the ship has been changed several times and eventually freeze-frame 23.4 billion. The second major deal between Russia and India for the delivery of two 1135.6 frigate, with a total value of about $ 1 billion. Russia ranked third in the transaction in January this year for the Indian Navy to lease a 971-type submarines. According to the latest news, the amount of the transaction will involve up to $ 920 million. 

Russia and India according to finalize the delivery schedule, Russia will be delivered to India in 2012, more 40 m-17V-5 type of military transport helicopters, 21 Su-30MKI (signed in 2000, according to contract to license the assembly), 12 Su-30MKI (according to the 2007 supply contracts signed) and nine carrier-based fighter aircraft MiG -29K/KUB. In addition, this year, Russia and India will continue serving on the Indian MiG-29 fighter jets, Figure -142 patrol aircraft, helicopters Mi-17 upgrade and maintenance of 877EM submarine contract. At the same time, Russia will provide card-31 shipborne helicopters, AL-55-and TRDD-50MT engine, “club-S” anti-ship missile systems, Mi-17 helicopter training simulator, the assembly authorized the Indian T-90S a series of main battle tanks and other contracts. 

be noted that, with a number of major sales contracts, the United States from 2013 to replace Russia as India’s largest source of arms for the country. The United States plans to provide arms and equipment to India, including P-8I anti-submarine patrol aircraft, C-17A large military transport aircraft, AH-64D “Longbow” helicopters. The correlation between the US-India arms contract will be implemented between 2013-2015. 

It is estimated that the United States to India in 2013, the total value of arms exports will reach $ 3.06 billion (the amount of Russian arms sales to India over the same period is expected to be only $ 2.03 billion), $ 3.7 billion in 2014 (Russian side of 22.3 billion U.S. dollars) in 2015 to $ 2.47 billion ($ 1.95 billion Russian). However, generally will be, taking into account Russia’s 2012 arms sales to India’s huge, Russia in 2012-2016, India will remain among the most important arms supplier, the arms trade between the two countries will total $ 15.6 billion. 

According to statistics, in 2002-2011, the Russian arms exports to India amounted to $ 14,780,000,000. During the same period, the United States is the only weapon in India’s fourth largest source country (16.6 million). In addition to Russian-US two countries, Israel, India, another major source of arms for the country. In the 2002-2011 years, the Indian arms exports to $ 3.7 billion, the latter is the fourth largest arms supplier. In between 2012-2016, to arms exports to India will reach $ 2.62 billion.


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