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Car Explosion Kills Israel’s Mossad Deputy Head Teseby Ashkolov

Israeli Mossad’s deputy head Teseby Ashkolov was assassinated by an
explosive device which blew up in his car in Spain, while another
Israeli source reported that an assassination attempt aiming

at Minister of Defence Ehud Barak was thwarted in Singapore.

The news followed that of the bomb attack against the Israeli Embassy
in New Delhi, that of the explosive device defused in Tbilisi and of the
blast near two Israeli buildings in Bangkok. Further details on the
assassination attempt remain vague.
Meanwhile, Israeli channel 2 reported Barak’s assassination attempt,
whereas the radio station ‘Sound of Israel’ reported the Minister of
Defence as saying that Iran exaggerated while expressing how advanced
its nuclear programme is. Barak added that “such a declaration makes it
imperative to intensify the international sanctions against Iran so as
to paralyze its abilities”.

Barak confirmed in a radio interview that the Iranian nuclear programme
has not reached the point of no return yet. He then suggested that
Ahmadinejad’s country might be behind the three attacks against the
Israeli embassies.

Israeli Ministry of Exterior had declared earlier that Iran intends to
carry out a series of revenge attacks against Israeli officials in
response to the assassination attempts against its nuclear scientists,
which Iran blamed on Israel.

Observes expected that Ashkolov’s assassination to be related to the
attacks that recently took place in India, Georgia and Thailand that
Israeli officials blamed Iran and Hezbollah on in revenge for its leader
Imad Mugniyah, who was killed by an explosive device blasted in his car
in Febrary 2008. 

The New Delhi explosion injured two people, one of which is the wife of
an Israeli diplomat; while another person, suspected to be Iranian, was
injured in the Bangkok blast.