India To Deploy Brahmos Cruise Missiles To Counter China

Brahmos cruise missiles

In an attempt to match China’s massive deployment of forces and other military assets from occupied Tibet, India has given the go-ahead for the deployment of the supersonic Brahmos cruise missiles in Arunachal Pradesh.
This will be India’s first offensive tactical missile deployment against China, reported the Indian Express Oct 17. 
The report said that with a range of 290 km, these cruise missiles were being deployed to improve India’s military reach into the Tibet Autonomous Region and counter China’s elaborate missile deployment along the India-Tibet border.

The report cited sources as saying the decision was in keeping with India’s second border force expansion plan but was being fast-tracked because of urgency shown by the armed forces.

The five-year expansion plan includes fresh accretion of 89,000 troops, with 400 officers, in one of India’s biggest one-time military expansion effort.

The report said the Brahmos missile regiment to be set up in Arunachal Pradesh will be India’s fourth, with the previous three being deployed in the country’s western sector to counter the Pakistan. 

The report added that the second Army expansion on the Chinese occupied Tibet border will include the setting up of a corps headquarter in Panagarh, West Bengal, along with two more divisions. This will include the setting up of an independent armoured brigade along with an artillery division.

It seems that things are moving at last, and fast! It’s good we’re coming out of hibernation. A more aggressive posture is what we were lacking so far against China and which is the need of the day.