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Lockheed Martin’s Fighting Falcon New F-16 Block F-16V

Lockheed Martin unveiled a new version of the F-16 today at the Singapore Airshow. The F-16V will feature enhancements including an active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar,
an upgraded mission computer and architecture, and improvements to the
cockpit – all capabilities identified by the U.S. Air Force and several
international customers for future improvements.

With nearly 4,500 F-16s delivered, this is a natural step in the
evolution of the world’s most successful 4th generation fighter.  The
Fighting Falcon program has continually evolved as it began with the
F-16 A/B as the lightweight fighter then transitioned to F-16 C/D and
Block 60 versions as customers’ requirements changed. 
AESA radars offer significant operational capability
improvements. Lockheed Martin has developed an innovative solution to affordably retrofit this key technology into existing F-16s.  The F-16V
configuration is an option for new production jets and elements of the
upgrade are available to most earlier-model F-16s. The “V” designation
is derived from Viper, the name fighter pilots have called the F-16 from
its beginnings.

“We believe this F-16V will satisfy our customers’ emerging requirements and prepare them to better interoperate with the 5th
generation fighters, the F-35 and F-22,” said George Standridge,
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics’ vice president of business development.