PAF Can Counter India’s New War Doctrine, Says PAF Air Chief

PAF Chief of Air
Staff Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman has said that the Pakistan Air
Force can effectively counter India’s new war doctrine.

to the media here at the Shahbaz Air Base, the air chief said PAF has
modified its plan within the existing infrastructure in view of the new
war doctrine of India. The Indian Air Force, he said, has been given a
very crucial and critical role in India’s ‘Cold Start’ doctrine.

told the media that the Shahbaz Air Base was totally in the control of
the Pakistan Air Force and existing hardware procured and being acquired
by the PAF was sufficient to fulfill its requirements. “We are in the
process of consolidating the hardware procured so far,” the air chief

To a question about the capability of US F-16 Block 52
aircraft, he rejected the impression that the aircraft could not target
or intercept US aircraft if they violated the country’s airspace. “There
is nothing which can prevent us from targeting or intercepting US
fighter planes,” he said. Suleman maintained that PAF could intercept or
target US planes, if required, but at the same time he said they did
not wish for such a situation to arise.