India Likely To Install Israeli Systems On Rafale Fighter Jet

The Israeli defense industries are becoming optimistic. An updated assessment says that it is likely that India will purchase Israeli systems for its newly procured fighter aircraft – the French Rafale.

A senior source close to the issue said that while the first eighteen aircrafts will be equipped with French systems, it is possible that the other aircraft will be equipped with Israeli-produced systems.

The new assessment is based on the ongoing discussions between defense industry representatives and senior officials in India.
“India recognizes the operational superiority of several Israeli systems, and it seems that they will ask for them,” said the source. He added that it’s possible India will insist that the systems be locally produced by companies that have cooperated with Israeli defense industries in the past.

India has already expressed its desire to equip its new fighter aircraft with Israeli-produced systems, though it is doubtful that the French government will approve the move. At this time, India is most interested in Rafael’s Litening pod, which is used for navigation and for locating ground targets.

The system, which is undergoing an upgrade to its fourth-generation series, is in use by air forces around the world and is considered the best of its kind.


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