Indian Army Short OF Ammunition---Said Indian Arny Chief

General VK Singh

The India army is seriously short of ammunition, and in the event of war, it may run out of stocks in two days. This has been highlighted in a letter written by Army Chief General VK Singh to Defence Minister AK Antony, reported by the Indian Media. 

It also warns of shortages in artillery and air defence ammunition and says that the blacklisting of firms has contributed to the situation.
With reports hinting at cuts in defence spending in the next budget, the army may well see further degradation of its capability. 

 This comes even as China has announced that it will increase its military spending by 11.2 per cent in 2012. According to an official spokesperson, China will spend nearly 106.4 billion dollars on defence in 2012. The country has witnessed double-digit rises in the defence budget across the last two decades.


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