US Allowed Israeli Systems Installation On F-35

F-35 Stealth Fighter
F-35 Stealth Fighter
US government has agreed to allow the air force to install
Israeli-produced radio and data link systems onboard the F-35 stealth
fighter aircraft. As revealed in the report of the US Congressional
Research Service, which IsraelDefense has obtained, this commitment
represents the first significant US waiver with regards to the
installation of Israeli systems onboard the advanced fighter aircraft.
use of advanced radio and data link systems will provide the aircraft
with greater immunity to deliberate jamming of its communication
The report further reveals that if Israel were to procure
more than 20 F-35s, the US government would consider allowing the
country to add “black boxes” to the aircraft’s Electronic Warfare (EW)
system, which would present unique Israeli-developed capabilities to the
The US has so far refused to allow the air force even
partial access to the fighter’s EW system. A key issue which has yet to
be solved, and is not mentioned in the report, is the US demand that
Israel send the aircraft to undergo heavy maintenance at a European
maintenance center.
According to the aircraft directorate in the
US, all the countries in the Middle East and in Europe that procure the
aircraft will transfer the aircraft to undergo heavy maintenance (Grade
D) at a European center. The Israeli Air Force has informed the US that
this demand is unacceptable, and it will insist that all maintenance
grades be carried out in Israel.

 A source close to the issue said
that the US understands Israel’s special needs regarding this issue;
however, a formal decision has yet to be made. “We would be happy if the
regional maintenance center were to be established here. However, we
will not send aircraft beyond Israel’s borders,” said the source.