China Officially Hands Over The Azmat Class Stealthy FAC To Pakistan

PNS Azmat Stealthy FAC
PNS Azmat Stealthy FAC
 Pakistan Navy is fully prepared to counter any force
challenging the country’s sovereignty or threatening the security of
its territorial waters, said the naval chief on Monday.

Admiral Muhammad Asif Sandila was speaking as the chief guest at the
commissioning ceremony of PNS Azmat, Pakistan’s first fast attack craft
(missile) at the Xingang Shipyard in Tianjin, China. 

Admiral Sandila said the induction of PNS Azmat will supplement
Pakistan Navy’s combat potential, according to a press release issued
by the navy in Islamabad.

Terming it a milestone in defence and strategic cooperation between
Pakistan and China, he said the attack craft would indeed provide
synergy in defence of the country’s sea frontiers.

“Its immense firepower coupled with stealthy features makes it a real
versatile platform which would not only prove vital for ensuring
effective presence in our area of operations, but would bring a new
dimension of operation of stealthy platform of this tonnage,” he said.

 Admiral Sandila said the commissioning of PNS Azmat concluded the
construction of fast attack craft (missile) in China and the
construction of a second craft will be completed in Pakistan by the end
of 2012.

PNS Azmat is the first of Azmat class fast attack craft (missile).
Contract for construction of two fast attack craft was signed on the
basis of transfer of technology (ToT). In that, the first craft was to
be built in China and the second is being constructed at Karachi
Shipyard & Engineering Works.

The vessel is equipped with state-of-the-art weapons and sensors,
including surface-to-surface missiles and has stealth features.