Lenovo Emerges As Top PC Seller In India Overtakes Dell & HP

For the first time, Chinese personal computer maker Lenovo has cornered
the largest share in the overall Indian PC market, overtaking Dell and
Hewlett-Packard (HP), according to data from market researcher IDC.

Latest data shows that Lenovo has a market share of 15.8% in the three
months to March 31, compared to 10% in the previous period, which had
put the Chinese PC-maker at 4th spot then. Dell, which is at number two
spot, saw its market share shrink by 2.6 % while HP follows with a
market share of 14.9 % in the March quarter.

With the top spot switching among HP, Dell and Lenovo, Indian PC market
is witnessing high competition, especially as the PC penetration here is
extremely low and hardware makers sense a long-term opportunity.

Lenovo’s push to the top was aided by a large order from the Tamil Nadu
government to supple free laptops to graduating school children – a
promise made during last year’s state assembly elections. A few months
ago, Tamil Nadu announced procurement of 9 lakh laptops at about 14,000 a
piece. Lenovo, along with HCL Infosystems and Acer, had bagged the

Coming out of a slump, the Indian PC market grew 7.7% in the first
quarter of the year as a revival in consumer sentiment backed by strong
sales in semi-urban areas pushed sales upwards.

According to IDC, nearly 2.63 million units were shipped from January to
March this year. Consumer segment grew the most at 19.6% in the first
quarter of 2012 over the same period last year.

“Consumer-led sales are a healthy sign,” said Adwaita Govind Menon,
associate director & head of new products at the Indian arm of IDC.

“The growth in the consumer category is seen primarily in the portable
PCs as consumer purchase pattern shifts away from the desktop devices
towards more compact and mobile devices such as notebooks,
mini-notebooks and other ultra portable PCs,” said Kiran Kumar, senior
market analyst at IDC.

As governments in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab gear up to fulfil election
promises, more such government deals are likely to happen in the last
quarter of this fiscal year.

Despite being the festive season, computer sales had gone down in the
December quarter last year because of a shortage of hard disks and
fluctuations in the value of rupee against other currencies, especially
dollar. Brands that are importing components or the whole PC to sell it
in India are struggling because of the price rise and foreign exchange

“Everyone is making a loss in the Tamil Nadu deal,” said Menon. Though
sequential growth of 7.7 % is encouraging, a year-on-year growth of 3.5%
is not enough, feel PC makers.

“Comparatively, emerging markets are growing 15-16%,” said Amar Babu,
Managing Director, Lenovo India. Going by the low PC penetration level,
India should grow much faster and consumer buying needs to go up, said