Saudi Arabia Is The Last Hope and Defense Line For Israel—Report

A recent report by Tel
Aviv University says Saudi Arabia is the last hope and defense line for
Israel and describes the Saudis as Tel Aviv’s last chance to protect
its political interests in the Arab world.

The report said most of Israel’s allies in the region have collapsed and cannot play a significant role in the Arab world.

It added that Saudi Arabia is the only country that stands against
the Islamic Republic of Iran and thus it is Tel Aviv’s last line of
defense against Tehran.

The report noted that the Al Saud family is very important to Israel
because Saudi Arabia is very actively working in countries such as
Yemen, Egypt, Iraq, and Lebanon to reduce Iran’s influence in those

Last March, a senior Egyptian cleric accused Saudi Arabia and Qatar
of meddling in the internal affairs of other Muslim nations, calling the
two states “Israel’s servants.”

Sheikh Mohammad Alaedin Madhi said the two countries were implementing an Israeli-US plan in Syria.

He also criticized the Saudi-owned television network Al-Arabiya and
the Qatar-owned broadcaster Al-Jazeera for “serving Israeli interests.”

Moreover, in emails leaked by WikiLeaks and obtained by the
Beirut-based newspaper Al-Akhbar, it was revealed that Saudi Arabia had
reached out to the Mossad, which assisted the kingdom with, as Al-Akhbar
reports, “intelligence collection and advice on Iran.”

According to a source quoted in the emails, “Several enterprising
Mossad officers, both past and present, are making a bundle selling the
Saudis everything from security equipment (to) intelligence and