Two Taiwan "Nationals" Charged With Selling F-22 Technology To China

Two Taiwanese nationals  accused of trying to smuggle drugs through a New Jersey port were charged today with plotting to export sensitive U.S. military technology to benefit the Chinese government. 

Hui Sheng Shen, 45, and Huan Ling Chang, 41, who were arrested in February and are being held without bail, appeared before a judge today in Newark, New Jersey. They are accused of conspiring to buy unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, as well as E-2C Hawkeye surveillance airplanes and stealth technology related to F-22 fighter planes. 

Shen and Chang “purportedly acted on behalf of agents of the People’s Republic of China and sought to acquire assets and information which, in their words, ‘would hurt America,’” according to an amended criminal complaint. Agents posing as crooked importers recorded the pair, U.S. authorities said.


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