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US Prepared To Snatch Pakistan Nukes--NBC News

The Obama administration is escalating its psychological warfare against the Pak military establishment through leaking very sensitive reports to the American and world media. In this regard, the NBC News reported that the US military and intelligence operatives are debating, strategizing, gaming and potentially even conducting crisis on entering Pakistan and seizing the nation’s nuclear weapons during a crisis.

 The former White House Deputy Counter-Terrorism Director Roger Cressey confirmed the planning and term the scheme as,” The highest priorities of the US intelligence community and the White House.” He disclosed that the planned operation would be “snatch and grab” the nukes and that US Special Forces would try to dismantle or eliminate them. A US Congressional Research Service report debated the case and justified it, claiming that Pakistan has to be deprived of its 90-110 nuclear arsenals. 

Princeton University Pakistan academic Zia Mian disclosed that CIA and Defence Department frequently conducted preparations to snatch the nukes. They’ve exercised attacking Iran; hence Pakistan should be ready for such episode. 

 In his 2009 book” Defusing Armageddon,” intelligence scholar Jeffery Richelson wrote that the then US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Peter Pace five years ago outlined two kinds of situations:” elimination operations” and “ interdiction operations by the United States to secure Pak nuclear weapons. The operations’ task would be to locate, secure, disable and/or destroy Pak nukes. 



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