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Chinese Experts Say India Will Not Ally With US Against Beijing

Chinese analysts say that US efforts to make India part of its alliance
against China will not succeed India pursued independent foreign policy
focusing on its national interests.

US defence secretary Leon Panetta’s visit to New Delhi is as part of
Washington’s efforts to make it part of alliance against Beijing but
India’s interest lie with Beijing, Wang Dehua, a specialist on South
Asia studies at the Shanghai Institute for International Studies said.

“It seems that the US is sparing no efforts in forging a semi-circle of
alliance against China from the South” as Panetta has attended the
Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore and afterward visited Vietnam and
India, Wang, a specialist on South Asia told state-run Global Times
which carried an article highlighting Panetta’s visit to New Delhi.

“But India has its own agenda in the region,” Wang said noting that
India wants to be independent in making its own foreign policies while
maximising its national interests.

“For example, India has refrained from becoming deeply involved in the
South China Sea rows because it viewed any friction with China as being
against its fundamental national interests,” Wang said.

“India’s interests lie in wider economic and cultural cooperation with
China. This is China’s opportunity to break up the US intention to
contain China,” Wang said.

Recent write-ups in the Chinese media were consistent with expectations that India would remain independent.

Another article in the Chinese version of the Global Times said that
China should would work to improve bilateral ties with “clear goals” to
strengthen friendship taking into consideration New Delhi’s independent
foreign policy and its recent decision to pull out of South China Sea
oil blocks exploration.

“For a long time, India has not figured as an important centre of
Chinese foreign policy and China has not decided on a clear goal in its
India policy”, the write up published in Huanqiu Shibao, the Chinese
version of the hardline Global Times daily run by the ruling Communist
Party of China, (CPC) said two days ago.

“Now, the activity of the Indian military in the Indian Ocean has
increased and the Indian Navy is also sailing more and more towards the
east, lack of mutual trust may lead to both sides adopting a mistaken
strategy. China should have clear strategic goals towards India”, it