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Apple Unlocked iPhone 5 Price

Unlocked iPhone 5 Price
Unlocked iPhone 5 Price

If you want To Buy unlocked iPhone 5, Apple has posted a handy tool detailing how much you have pay for each configuration.
The Apple Store's lists the 16GB iPhone 5 at $649, the 32GB at $749, and the top of the line model 64GB at $849. In Canada, where all models sold by Apple are unlocked, the same models are Priced at -- in Canadian dollars -- $699, CAD $799, and CAD $899 , Respectively.
However, those expecting to get their hands on Apple's next-generation smartphone soon will have to put those hopes on hold. The iPhone maker hasn't yet announced when consumers can expect availability, and users won't be able to pre-order the carrier-unencumbered configuration tomorrow.
An unlocked version of the iPhone 4S didn't go on sale last year until November 11 -- almost a full month after the carrier-subsidized versions.
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