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Russian New SU-30CM Jet-Fighter Makes Maiden Flight

Sukhoi  Su-30CM
Sukhoi  Su-30CM
Russia's new Sukhoi SU-30CM jet fighter has  completed its maiden flight, the aircraft's Designer Irkut Corporation said Friday.
"A test of the SU-30CM fighter has been conducted at an airfield in  Irkutsk. The two-hour flight did not reveal any problem," the company said in a statement.
The SU-30CM multipurpose fighter is the newest version of Russia's SU-30MK family. In March, the Defense Ministry ordered 30 SU-30CM airplanes to delivered to the Air Force by 2015. 

The 22-meter-long fighter is capable of covering a distance of up to 3,000 km with a maximum speed of 2,125 km/h or Mach 2 on an altitude of 17.3 km. It is equipped with one machine gun, six middle-range guided missiles and eight non-guided bombs. 


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