Japan to develop missile detection UAV system

Japan Helicopter UAV
Japan Helicopter UAV

Japan is trying to develop a UAV system that could help detect a North Korean nuclear missile attack and also to monitor Chinese military buildup, according to a Japanese newspaper report.

The Japanese defense ministry has demanded 372 million dollar over the next five years to develop the drone, which would come into operation in 2018.

The drone will be equipped with infrared sensors to detect out low-altitude missiles. The UAV program started after Japan failed to detect North Korea’s failed rocket launch in April.

The North Korea’s rocket launch is an attempt to put a satellite into orbit but describe by world leaders as a hidden ballistic missile test. The rocket disintegrates over the Yellow Sea just two minutes after being launched.

However Japan was enforced to rely on information from the United States and media reports after its own detection systems failed.

Japanese officials later said its detection system could not detect the rocket because of its low-altitude flight path.


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