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Sri Lankan Air Force To Purchase JF-17

JF-17 Thunder Aircraft
JF-17 Thunder Aircraft

The Sri Lanka Air Force is due to is arranging to purchase six JF -17 planes, according to the progress report of Ministry of Defense. These aircraft are due to be purchased under the 2013 finalised projects.

The JF-17 Thunder co-developed by Pakistan Air Force and China Aero Technology Import Export Cooperation (CATIC) and co-produced by Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC).

The JF-17 Thunder is an all weather, multi-role, light combat aircraft that has the potential to be the main stay & work horse of any Air Force.

In addition, 17 Mi-17 helicopters are also due to be purchased. These are to be utilized for passenger transport.

The Mi-17 medium multi purpose helicopter is produced by Kazan Helicopters. 


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