Iran State TV Said IT Has Produced Laser-Guided Shells

Iran State TV  Said IT Has Produced Laser-Guided Shells
 Iran's state TV is reporting the country has produced laser-guided artillery shells, capable of hitting moving targets with high accuracy.

The Monday report quoting Defense Minister Gen. Ahmad Vahidi also says that the shell was an "intelligent" munition with the capability to identify its own targets.

The report was accompanied by footage showing an artillery piece firing a shell, followed by an explosion in the desert.

The report does not give details on specifications of the shell. It could not be independently verified.

Iran occasionally announces the production and testing of military equipment, ranging from torpedoes to missiles and jet fighters.

Dassault Rafale Wins USD 10.4 Billion Indian Air Force MRCA Fighter Jet Deal: Sources

The Dassault Rafale fighter jet, manufactured by the French company Dassault Aviation, has won India's mammoth contract worth $10.4 billion, say sources. The Indian Air Force  plans to buy 126 aircraft over the next ten years.

The process to determine the L1 (lowest bidder) has been completed, and sources indicate that the final contract is expected to be signed in  the next financial year. The first 18 aircraft will be bought off the shelf. The rest 118 will be manufactured in partnership with an Indian company.

There were six contenders for the world's biggest defence deal which included the Russian MiG- 35,Lockheed Martin's F-16 Falcon, Boeing's F-18 Hornet, the Swedish Saab Grippen, Euro-Fighter Typhoon and Rafale.

Of these, the European EADS Eurofighter Typhoon and Dassault Rafale were in the final race for the global tender for a medium multi-role combat aircraft (MMRCA). The Eurofighter bid was backed by four partner nations including Germany, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom while the Dassault Rafale was backed by the French Government.

Israeli Heron TP Srone crashes During Test Flight

Israeli Heron TP drone
An Israeli Heron TP drone has crashed during a joint operation performed by the Israeli military and the developer company of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

The most advanced Israeli drone crashed during its test flight on Sunday morning in an area near the Tel Nof military base in central Israel.

No injuries were reported in the incident and an investigation has been launched into the cause of the crash.

The Heron TP is the largest Israeli UAV with a 26-meter-long wingspan. It can fly for up to 45 hours and carry a payload of 1,000 kilograms.

The Israeli drone is also capable of launching missiles.

Israel has increased the use of its drones over the past few years in areas including the Gaza Strip and southern Lebanon.

In July 2011, France announced its decision to purchase the Israeli Heron TP in line with plans to upgrade its UAV capabilities.

Indian Army Concerned Over Sino-Pak Nuclear Co-operation

Indian Army Chief General VK Singh in a report has expressed his grave concern over Pakistan-China atomic cooperation and joint military preparations. 

In a detailed report submitted to Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and President Pratibha Patil, Gen VK Singh has made a special mention of Pakistan Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani’s recent visit to China. This confidential report, pertaining to Afghanistan, says that Pakistan’s spy network is well-rooted and working efficiently in the neighbouring war-torn country. This network is also enjoying a strong support of local Taliban, due to which, India facing great difficulties in getting a foothold in the area.

As per Western media, the report reveals that with the practical cooperation of the American CIA, Indian spy agency RAW and Israeli secret agency Mossad planning to set up a joint army base in the country. Indian civil and military leadership, in this connection, have also held several meetings at the presidency. Indian Defence Minister AK Anthony, RAW chief and other high-ranking officials of the Indian nuclear command have been in constant consultations with Indian PM Manmohan Singh in this regard. Moreover, Afghan security chief, who has completed his training in India, regularly visits New Delhi. Sources say the US, while keeping a firm grip of the Afghan region, also wants India to play a dominant role in the area.

Indian Republic Day Military Parade In Photos---Jan 26-2012

                              Indian Republic Day Military Parade In Photos---Jan 26-2012
                                     Indian Republic Day Military Parade In Photos---Jan 26-2012
                           Indian Republic Day Military Parade In Photos---Jan 26-2012
                            Indian Republic Day Military Parade In Photos---Jan 26-2012
                          Indian Republic Day Military Parade In Photos---Jan 26-2012
                         Indian Republic Day Military Parade In Photos---Jan 26-2012

German Chancellor To Visit China In February

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will visit China in early February, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin confirmed on Friday.

During Merkel's China visit, Chinese and German leaders will exchange views on bilateral ties and how to enhance the strategic cooperation between China and Germany, Liu said at a regular news briefing.

They will also talk about the world economic situation and Europe's economic and financial situation, said the spokesman.

India To Pay Gold For Iran Oil, China May Follow-----EU Sanctions

India has reportedly agreed to pay Tehran in gold for the oil it buys, in a move aimed at protecting Delhi from US-sanctions targeting countries who trade with Iran. China, another buyer of Iranian oil, may follow Delhi’s lead.

The report, by the Israeli-based news website DEBKAfile, states that Iran and India are negotiating backup alternatives with China and Russia, should the US and EU find a way to block the gold payment mechanism.

Delhi’s move is seen as surprising, as earlier India and Iran said they would switch to yen and rupees. China, another major importer of Iranian oil, may follow Delhi’s lead, the report adds.

India and China need to switch from the dollar in bilateral trade, since the US and EU have issued unilateral sanctions against the Iranian oil industry and financial institutions. The sanctions would ban any bank involved in oil trade with Iran from dealing with American and European counterparts.

Both India and China, two major buyers of Iranian oil accounting for 22 and 13 percent of its total export respectively, have refused to join such sanctions. This means they have to establish a reliable way of paying for crude, independently of the parts of the global financial system controlled by New York and London.
Delhi’s current plan is to effect payments through two state-owned banks, India’s UCO Bank and Turkey’s Halk Bankasi, Turkey being another country refusing to join the sanction spree.

The US issued sanctions against Iran in December, aiming to put pressure on the Islamic Republic and make its controversial nuclear program more transparent. The EU joined the initiative on Monday, banning new oil contracts with Iran, but allowing current ones to be fulfilled.

Australia on Tuesday became the latest country to voice plans for such an embargo, although the move would be more symbolic than practical, considering the country’s small share in Iran’s oil export.

Veena Malik Makes Her Bollywood Debut With Chhanno Item Number

Veena Malik has just made her Bollywood debut. In a sizzling item number. The 27-year-old Pakistani actor, who shot to fame with reality TV show Bigg Boss, will be seen in the song Main To Teri Fan Ho Gayi, in Riteish Deshmukh- Genelia D’Souza starrer Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya.

 “Honestly, I had a few offers for item numbers. But I wanted to pick the best one. This song is extremely spicy, so it goes perfectly with my personality ... at least I feel that way. When Kumarji (producer Kumar Taurani) made me hear the song, I said yes instantly. I hope it’s the right decision,” says Malik.

Oprah Winfrey: India My Life’s Greatest Experience

 Oprah Winfrey's grandmother had a dream: she wanted her granddaughter to grow up to be a respectable maid. She would have fallen off her chair had she been at the Jaipur Literary Festival, where Oprah got a standing ovation as she walked in for a session. As crowds surged to enter the venue, with many of them stopped despite valid entry tickets, a poster sticking out told the story: "I have waited for 10 years to get a minute of your time."

"I came to India with open mind and expanded heart," said Oprah. "The sight of ox pulling heavy steel beams, a man riding a donkey, and another one on a motorbike using his cell phone," said the world's best known TV talk show host. "India is a paradox. It has been my greatest life experience," she added. And even here, her compassionate side surfaced: she goes on to imagine the ox asking the man to put himself in his shoes, pulling the weight of the steel.

Then, referring to her life experiences, she said, "The fact I was born in segregated southern US in Mississippi in 1954 to a teenaged unmarried mother, during the time of apartheid, has influenced me into becoming what I am. Fortunately, I had never been put into a segregated school. But all my life I had to fight everyone. To be born a girl child is not safe," she said.

"But for me, education is the most important thing. I have been from village to village in Africa looking for girls like myself... and families desperate for education. I was raised by my grandmother in poverty. She did not live to see me become an educated woman," said Oprah.

Russia Gives K-152 Nerpa Nuclear Attack Submarine To Indian Navy

Russia’s K-152 Nerpa nuclear-powered attack submarine has been handed over to the Indian Navy.

In line with the contract worth over $900 million, the Project 971 Shchuka-B (NATO: Akula II) class sub has been leased to India’s Navy for ten years. It will be renamed the INS Chakra.

The ceremony took place in the Far Eastern Primorye Territory. Russian submariners trained their Indian colleagues to steer the Nerpa in the Pacific Ocean.

The event was attended by Indian ambassador to Russia Ajai Malhotra, United Shipbuilding Corporation head Roman Trotsenko, Eastern Military District commander Admiral Konstantin Sidenko and other officials.

The submarine’s displacement is 8,140/12,770 tons. Its maximum speed is 30 knots, maximum operating depth, 600 m; its endurance is 100 days with a crew of 73. The vessel is armed with four 533mm torpedo tubes and four 650mm torpedo tubes.

India has become the sixth operator of nuclear submarines in the world, after the United States, Russia, France, Britain and China, though it previously leased another Russian submarine which was then returned.

A Chinese Supercomputer Was Ranked The World's Fastest Machine

A Chinese supercomputer was ranked the world's fastest machine in the TOP500 list officially issued Tuesday by U.S. and European researchers, highlighting China's rapid progress in the field.

The Tianhe-1A system at the National Supercomputer Center in Tianjin, is capable of sustaining computation at 2.57 petaflop/s, which equates to a mind-numbing 2.57 quadrillions of calculations per second.

As a result, the former number one system -- the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Jaguar in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, that achieved 1.75 petaflop/s -- is now ranked in second place, according to the 36th edition of the TOP500 list.

The list is compiled by Hans Meuer of the University of Mannheim, Germany, Erich Strohmaier and Horst Simon of National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC)/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Jack Dongarra of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

"A Chinese university made Tianhe based on China's own technology," Dongarra said at a ceremony to honor the top 500 supercomputers Tuesday. "Its interconnects are very interesting."

Tianhe is a demonstration of how "a country can achieve if they put their money on their ambitions," said Strohmaier at the same ceremony. "Making progress like that is only possible by supporting your research community and your manufactures for extended period of time like five to 10 years."

Indian C130-J Super Hercules To Make Its Debut During Republic Day Parade

The Indian Air Force will field 29 aircraft, including frontline fighters Sukhoi 30-MKI and MiG29 and the C130J Super Hercules for the first time in the flypast over Rajpath on Republic Day.

The highlight of the flypast will be the vertical Charlie manoeuvre by a lone Sukhoi aircraft that would mark the culmination of the Parade. 

The flypast will be held in two phases — beginning with four MI17 IV helicopters going past the Saluting Base trailing the National Flag and the Army, Nay and Air Force flags, and showering petals on the assembly on either sides of Rajpath. Besides flying three of the latest tactical transport aircraft C130J inducted into service last year, the IAF will also present a tableau depicting its personnel from the Special Forces and its special operational capabilities. 

The float will also show the Mi-17 V5 multi-purpose helicopter, intended to airlift special forces to combat area both by the day and night. These two platforms, the C130J and Mi-17 V5, cater to the need of joint operation with commandoes of the Army and Navy along with IAF's Garud and National Security Guard commandoes. 

Saudi Air Force Euro-Fighter Typhoons Start Air To Ground Operations

DRDO Weapons Showcase For Republic Day Parade

Sukhoi Tests Su-35S Flanker-E Multi-Purpose Fighter Jet For The First Time

Russian aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi has flight tested its Serial Three Su-35S Flanker-E multipurpose jet fighter for the first time.

During the test Tuesday, which lasted more than two hours, the aircraft's propulsion and control  system were put through their paces and "proved to be flawless," the company said.

Additional details on the initial flight test have not been disclosed.

The Su-35S is based on the earlier Su-27 but with an improved airframe, two central digital computers, advanced avionics and new radar with phased array antennas.

The closest competitor aircraft to the Su-27, which was introduced into service in 1988, is the U.S. F-15 Eagle.

With increased fuel capacity, the range of the Su-35S is more than 2,200 miles.

The maximum speed at altitude is about 1,400 mph. Its ceiling is 59,000 feet.

Sukhoi said the Su-35S can detect aircraft out to a range of nearly 250 miles, farther than that of other combat aircraft.

The Generation 4++ fighter's radar can reportedly track simultaneously 30 aerial targets and engage eight as well as track four ground targets and engage two.

Weaponry carried by the Su-35 include a 30mm cannon, laser-guided and unguided bombs, anti-radar missiles, anti-aircraft missiles and missiles for use against maritime targets.

Pakistan To Get Final Batch OF F-16's From US

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) will receive 18 F-16 block 52 aircraft from Lockheed Martin later this month as part of a foreign military sale (FMS) of 36 F-16C/D block 50/52 aircraft announced in June 2005.

Under the US-Pakistan F-16 programme, Lockheed was awarded a contract for 12 F-16C and six F-16D block 52 aircraft in December 2006. The delivery comes at a time when military aid for Pakistan has been almost completely halted by the US in the wake of a series of crises affecting the bilateral relationship between the two nations.

Pakistan has already received block 52 versions of the F-16 aircraft, which includes day-night, all-weather and precision-attack capabilities. The compact multirole, single-engine Lockheed Martin-built F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft has a high level of manoeuvrability, a top speed of 2,124km/h, and can detect planes flying at very low altitudes. The F-16 block 52 aircraft provides additional fuel and payload capacity, improved avionics and sensors, and colour cockpit displays with enhanced pilot/vehicle interfaces.

Russian Media Says--United States Next Year Will Replace Russia As India’s Largest Arms Importer

According to the Russian world arms trade center site on 20 January reported that Russia will continue to be India’s first year major source of arms for the country. It is estimated that Russia and India in 2012 on weapons and military equipment exports will total about $ 7.7 billion, is expected to account for the total amount of Russian arms exports to over 60% of India’s arms imports accounted for about 80%. However, from 2013, Russia and India as the largest source of arms for the country’s position will be replaced by the United States. 

Russian World Weapons Analysis Center released U.S. report shows that Russian-Indian military-technical cooperation in the field this year will implement a number of major trading scheme. It should be noted that a considerable part of the transaction which is based on a previous contract implementation. Among them, one of the highest value end of the year was undoubtedly the Russian deliveries to the Indian Navy, “Admiral Gorshkov” aircraft carrier. For modernization of the cost of the ship has been changed several times and eventually freeze-frame 23.4 billion. The second major deal between Russia and India for the delivery of two 1135.6 frigate, with a total value of about $ 1 billion. Russia ranked third in the transaction in January this year for the Indian Navy to lease a 971-type submarines. According to the latest news, the amount of the transaction will involve up to $ 920 million. 

6 US Marines Killed In Helicopter Crash In Southern Afghanistan

Six US marines were killed in a helicopter crash in southern Afghanistan on Thursday, according to a US official, but Nato claimed Taliban fighters were not active in the area at the time.

"The cause of the crash is under investigation. However, initial reporting indicates there was no enemy activity in the area at the time of the crash," a spokesman for the Nato-led International Security Assistance Force said on Friday, raising questions about a possible malfunction or pilot error.

The Nato spokesman declined to confirm the nationality of the victims but a American official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said all of the dead were US marines.

It is the worst crash since August last year when 30 US forces, including 22 elite Navy Seal commandos, died when their helicopter came down in eastern Afghanistan.

IS The Euro-Fighter Typhoon The Right Solution TO Kill J-20 Black Eagle And T-50?

Saudi Arabia And China Signed Nuclear Cooperation Deal

The world's biggest oil exporter, Saudi Arabia has signed an agreement with China for cooperation in the development and use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes, which will help to meet the Kingdom's increasing demand for energy and cut its growing dependence on depleting oil resources.

The deal was signed in the Saudi capital Riyadh on Sunday in the presence of King Abdullah and visiting Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao.

The agreement seeks to establish a legal framework to strengthen scientific, technological and economic cooperation between Riyadh and Beijing,
while the two sides reaffirmed their desire to place the highest priority on nuclear safety and environmental protection, the Arab News reported quoting officials.

Another agreement to expand cooperation in the field of academics and library affairs was signed by the Riyadh-based King Abdulaziz Public Library (KAPL) and Beijing University
. The pact will broaden the scope of cooperation between the two premier institutions and allow KAPL to open its branch in the Chinese capital.

Asked about details of the talks Wen had with King Abdullah, Chinese Embassy spokesman Li Lianghua said the talks with the monarch was preceded by Wen's meetings with Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Secretary-General Abdullatif al-Zayani and Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu. The talks with King Abdullah covered the whole gamut of bilateral issues and regional development, said another Chinese official.

He said the two countries pledged to work together to promote political and commercial relations as well as boost links in energy, trade, infrastructure, culture, press and
security fields.

"China has also welcomed a move to organize a high-profile symposium in Beijing in mid-2012 to discuss relations between China and the Muslim world with special reference to Beijing's relations with Muslims in the past and the future perspectives of Islamic-Sino ties," he added.

The pledge for a closer partnership was made during the wide-ranging talks between King Abdullah and the Chinese Premier. Speaking on the occasion, Wen said: "The two countries strengthened high-level exchanges and promoted mutual trust in recent years despite the fact that international and regional situations became complicated and volatile."

He said both countries had treated each other as equals with respect, and their cooperation had been fruitful since the establishment of diplomatic ties 22 years ago.

JF-17 Block III Multirole Fighter Confirmed-- Induction In 2016

JF-17 Block III was first confirmed by CAC official in dubai airshow 2011.

The Development work on Dual Seat version has already started and will be a Block-III production. Look for a significant change in engine and very advanced avionics in the Block-III.

 So far the existance of JF-17 Block III is confirmed and induction is supposed to be in 2016

As the block II is only 6 months far from on block III is scheduled to start Soon.

Indian Govt Soon To Close Deal For 126 Fighter Jets

The Eurofighter Typhoon​ may have emerged as the lowest bidder (L1) in the multi-billion dollar deal to procure 126 fighter jets for the Indian Air Force (IAF), according to people familiar with the matter. 

 The two remaining contenders in the deal are likely to be called by the defence ministry on Thursday, these people said on condition of anonymity.

The Eurofighter Typhoon is promoted by European Aeronautic Defence and Space Co., or EADS. The other contender vying for the L1 slot is the Rafale, promoted by Dassault SA.

Sitanshu Kar, the defence ministry’s spokesperson, declined to comment.

Chinese Y-20 Globemaster Ready

Chinese AESA Radar Development For J-10B And J-20 Fighter Jets


Chinese AESA Radar Development  For J-10B And J-20 Fighter Jets
Chinese AESA Radar Development  For J-10B And J-20 Fighter Jets


Chinese AESA Radar Development  For J-10B And J-20 Fighter Jets

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