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Indian DRDO To Start New AWACS Program

Indian New AWACS Aircraft Indian DRDO has just started development of the Rs 6,000 crore Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) that will have the capability to penetrate “longer distances” enemy territory by its radars and electronic warfare equipment without venturing into the region physically, a top defence official said Friday. ‘DRDO’s  V K Saraswat said DRDO just started the ...

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China PLAAF To Shoot US Anti-Submarine Warfare Plane P3 Orion

J-10B Fighter Jet Takes Off US aircraft were shadowed by Chinese fighters in airspace near the border between China and Japan on Jan. 10, reports the Global Times, a nationalist Chinese tabloid. A US Navy P-3C patrol plane based at Misawa Air Base and a US Air Force C-130 cargo plane based at Yokota Air Base were tailed by Chinese ...

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Chinese Experts Says Y-20 outperforms Russian Il-76

China’s Y-20 Military Transport Aircraft China’s first large military transport aircraft Y-20 carries the dream and expectation of millions of Chinese people. Compared with the Il-76MD, the Y-20 has larger volume, more reasonable fuselage space and layout, and higher engine power. The Y-20 not only outperforms Il-76 but also has Chinese characteristics in super critical airfoils, integrated avionics, cabin equipment, composite materials and their processing. The performance parameters of the Y-20 are quite close to those of Russian IL-476.Operated by three aircrew members, the Y-20 has the highest load-carrying capacity of 66 tons, a fuselage length of 47 meters, a wingspan of 45 meters and a height of 15 meters, and bears the maximum take-off weight of a little more than 200 tons. It has atraditional layout and strong adaptability to take-off and landing fields, as evidenced by being able to take off and land at airstrips and carry the vast majority of combat and support vehicles of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA). As to the engine, China is actively developing high-thrust turbofan engines. Currently,the Y-20 can not be equipped with such advanced engines but be fit out with the imported D-30KP2 engine temporarily. The performance of the engine is not as good as that of the PS-90A76 turbofan engine of the Il-476, therefore, the thrust of China’s Y-20 is much inferior to that of the Il-476. However, the Y-20 will have significantly-improved flight performance after being equipped with China’s independently-developed high-thrust turbofan engines, thus ranking among the world’s advanced large transport aircraft. Now, the Y-20 is in the phase of test and finalization. If everything goes well, the Y-20 will have to undergo a minimum-three-year-long flight test and a minimum-five-year-long comprehensive test. Therefore, 2017 is the earliest date by which the PLA Air Force will have home-made large transport aircraft.

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China Should Develop Larger Aircraft Carriers Armed With New-Concept Weapons

China should develop larger aircraft carriers armed with new-concept weapons, Chinese naval expert Li Jie said while communicating about the country’s first successful fighter jet landing on its aircraft carrier.  China’s Future Aircraft Carrier Li said that China should develop larger aircraft carriers. The larger an aircraft carrier is the more aircraft it can carry, including fighter or attack aircraft. The United States has integrated fighters with attack aircraft, which can reduce the number of aircraft types and is more suitable for future wars. Li said that ski-jump takeoffs place limits on the takeoff speed and payload of an aircraft, so China should make efforts to deploy steam or electromagnetic catapults on its future aircraft carriers.  Li said that the United States plans to completely arm its next-generation aircraft carriers with new-concept weapons such as electromagnetic rail guns and laser guns.China should follow suit in this regard.

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