US Defense Companies Are Struggling To Compete Against China's Weapons Low Prices

China's HQ-9 Missiles
China's HQ-9 Missiles

Chinese nation has used their past advancements that took Western nations and USA decades to perfect — and it's now looking to turn a return on all that work.

Turkey announced the race to equip it with a long-range missile system is well underway and China's already sent their bid while USA and western countries are struggling to compete against China’s Weapons low prices.
Europe, Russia, the U.S. and China are all competing for the $4 billion dollar defense deal and Beijing's Precision Machinery HQ-9 is the lowest competing bid so far.

The surprising thing is that china offer came in at $1 billion less than expected, after Beijing tried to cut the original estimate by half.

USA Company Raytheon was forced to revise its offer to stay in the competition, but officials there won't comment on just how much dollars the US bid is until the contract is selected next month.

In the end it may not matter if China loses money on the deal if the fears of some experts are proven correct, and it attains access to NATO ‘s classified data.

Some believe that Russian and Chinese systems are incompatible with NATO systems and that with a successful bid, either of those countries would achieve access to classified NATO information.

Turkey has declined to eliminate either China or Russia despite the fact that, it could, compromise NATO's entire "set of procedures."


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