Chinese Nuclear Submarines in Indian waters concerns Indian Navy

Chinese Nuclear Submarine
Chinese Nuclear Submarine

For the first time in the history, the Indian Navy has solid hints
that a fleet of Chinese nuclear submarines is making numerous sorties into the
Indian Ocean.

Indian Navy said they have recorded 22 such operations in which
Chinese nuclear subs are in Indian waters. One submarine was spotted near the
Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Indian defense
ministry said in a report that “22 unknown submarine contacts were detected by
Indian and U.S sonar in the Indian Ocean”

assessment is that China is the only other navy capable of operating in the Indian
water. The assessment has been confirmed by U.S. and Indian intelligence inputs.

The extent of Chinese submarines’ frequent sorties into the
Indian Ocean can be deeply troubling for the Indian Navy.

Sources tell that “one contact with a suspected Chinese
submarine took place just 90 km from Indian soil in the Andaman and Nicobar

Six contacts took place north-west of the Straits of Malacca,
13 south of Sri Lanka and two as far as the Arabian Sea.

The first such Chinese submarine was spotted on sonar in
August 2012 during a patrol of Indian and U.S. navy ships, confident that they
are the only two navies operating in the Indian Ocean.

According to the report, the People’s Liberation Army’s naval
wing is deploying the state-of-the art nuclear submarines on a 10,000-mile deep
water run. The launch location is Sanya in the South China Sea.

Official sources say the Chinese submariners could be
preparing to sneak into India’s backyard, test Indian Navy’s ability in keeping
them out and probably pioneer a permanent presence in the Indian Ocean.