Turkey's TAI Reveals Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft Designs

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) has displayed concept designs for Turkey's indigenous fifth generation F-X fighter programme at the IDEF 2013 defence exhibition, the first they have been shown publically.

TAI displayed images of three different potential single seat concept designs: a single engine, conventionally laid out aircraft; a single engine aircraft, equipped with canards; and a twin engine, conventionally laid out fighter.

All three concepts feature elements traditionally associated with fifth generation aircraft, including a design optimised for low radar cross-sectional density, internal weapons bays, and the ability to super cruise, Huseyin Yagci, TAI's chief engineer on the F-X programme said.

According to Yagci, the two single engine concepts will have a maximum take-off weight of between 50,000 lb and 60,000 lb, while the twin engine aircraft will have a maximum take-off weight of between 60,000 lb and 70,000 lb.


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