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Indian Navy Inducted Stealth Frigate INS Trikand

 INS Trikand
 INS Trikand

INS Trikand, the last of the three ''Follow On Talwar Class'' frigates built in the Russian Federation, was commissioned into the Indian Navy today at Kaliningrad, Russia by Vice Admiral R K Dhowan, the Vice Chief of the Naval Staff, Indian Navy.

The commissioning of INS Trikand marks the culmination of a three ship contract for ''Follow On Talwar Class'' ships built in Russia, and is a milestone in the Indo-Russian military-technological cooperation.

INS Trikand's sister ships INS Teg and INS Tarkash were commissioned last year and are now undertaking operations as part of the Western Fleet. The keel of INS Trikand was laid on 11 June 2008 and the ship was launched on 25 May 2011.


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