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Russian Scholar Says America Used Weather Control Weapon In Pakistan In 2012

HAARP stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program. A secret project where human can control weather.

HAARP have been kept secret but by the time secrets are coming out. This weapons have been in testing and used by some countries against others to send earthquakes/heavy rain storms/wind storms/lightning storms/tsunami/volcano etc.

In 1915 American scientist Nikola Tesla presented theory to control weather and use it as weapon. Pentagon started researching about it to make weather control weapon, a weapon superior to nuclear weapons.

America kept refusing about this project but several secrets were revealed by the time that America is working interestingly on HAARP project and wants to make a powerful weather controlling weapon for US military till 2020.

Several private organizations who want control over oil of other countries have been secretly funding this project for America. Later these years USA admitted officially that US army, US navy and US air force are also funding this project.

Russian intelligence agency GRU revealed that once an American senator Ted Stevens who was against HAARP and was investigating about it, he was murdered. GRU also revealed that from the investigations of Ted Stevens America is controlling HAARP from a secret base in US state Alaska.

GRU intelligence also revealed that another person in contact with Ted Stevens, Major Aaron Malone who was working as guard in Alaska Air National was murdered by the secret weapon attack “Tesla” (a laser beam fired from satellite) on his C17 aircraft.

US investors are a threat to Pakistan:

Russia and Wikileaks revealed that America is testing HAARP weapon on other countries. They revealed that America is trying to control nuclear power Pakistan with weather control weapon. America have sent spies/secret agency workers and engineers to the Pakistan by labeling them as investors, NGO workers.

Russian scholar and strategic culture foundation deputy head Andrei Areshev, who is researching on HAARP technology said that: we investigated and found that in 2012 America used HAARP on Pakistan’s North-West part. He said that America tried to drown Pakistan in water by floods. War against nuclear Pakistan cannot be won easily, so HAARP is the second method against Pakistan by America.

Wikileaks and Russia revealed several times that America sends army personals in Pakistan in the name of aid workers. US have tried to send marines several times in Pakistan but due to protests of Pakistani people government couldn’t fulfil this demand of America. Wikileaks revealed that America sent spy agents and army commandos in the Pakistan during flood times by telling Pakistan government that they are normal citizens came to help Pakistani flood affected people.