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J-20 Spotted With New Mysterious Missile

A new mysterious type of missile has been spotted on the second prototype of the J-20 — China’s first stealth fighter — with a serial number of 2002, reports the state run People’s Daily, citing a video clip released on Chinese military websites.
According to video clip, the missile is white in color and unlike the F-22 Raptor fighter of the United States Air Force, which holds its missile racks inside the internal weapons bays, the J-20 carries this mysterious missile outside of its fuselage.
J-20 's  New Missile
J-20 ‘s  New Missile 
Experts claim that after the J-20 fighter takes off, the missile will remain outside the fuselage even after the missile bays are closed. Song Xinzhi, a Chinese military analyst, said that two missiles were seen outside the missile bays during the flight. One is a regular medium-range air-to-air missile with wings, the other is a new missile without any wings.

Song said that the mysterious missile looks more like a pencil than a traditional air-to-air missile, adding that without wings, the missile must be powered with thrust vector control. Even though the function of this missile remains a mystery, Song stressed that it must have been developed with new technology.