China’s DF-15C Ballistic Missile Can Carry Bunker Buster Bomb

China’s DF-15C short-range ballistic missile, equipped with a deep-penetration warhead or  bunker buster bomb, would be able to damage or destroy underground command and  control facilities in Taiwan and other security partners of the United States in the Asia-Pacific region, according to “The Weapon”, a military weapons magazine operated by China North Industries Group Corporation, a state-run company that manufactures military vehicles.
Photos of the DF-15C were first revealed on Chinese internet in 2006. “The Weapon” reported that the DF-15C, with a warhead between 2-2.5 meters in length, has the largest warhead section compared to other missiles in the PLA’s arsenal.
China's DF-15C Bunker Buster Missile
China’s DF-15C Bunker Buster Missile
Like Vietnam and Iraq, the militaries of Taiwan, Japan and South Korea rely on underground structures to shield their primary command and control facilities, the report said. The DF-15C can be used by the Second Artillery Corps, the PLA’s strategic missile detachment command, to take out enemy command and control centers in a potential conflict.

DF-15C short-range ballistic missile has a range of 700 kilometers, and can be used against most targets in East Asia, including an underground hangar located at Chiashan Air Force Base in Hualian in eastern Taiwan. However, the warhead must be fitted to a DF-21 and DF-25 missile to increase its range to strike at targets such as the US base at Guam.