China Sees New Ford-Class Carriers A Dominant Threat To PLAN

China sees the US Navy’s Ford-class super carriers as the primary overall threat to the country’s security.
The Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier is intended to replace the current Nimitz-class carriers. The US has planned to build 11 of them before 2058 and will use them to enforce its status as the most militarily fierce country in the world. The ships will also help secure jobs at the shipyard, give the Navy a chance to compete with the Air Force and Army, and keep the country’s technology abreast of world developments.
The A5W nuclear reactor used by the new series of ships will only need to be revamped once every 50 years. Current vessels need a tune-up every seven to eight years.
The increasing presence of the US in the Asia-Pacific theatre, both with its new Ford-Class aircraft carriers and Zumwalt-Class guided missile destroyers, will surely be a challenge to China. China has to prepare in advance to meet such challenges, said the report.