China Developing DF-26 Aircraft Carrier Killer Missile with Hypersonic Warhead

US “Aviation Technology and Space Weekly” carries an article in its January 17 issue titled “US navy regards China’s hyper-sonic guide vehicle as the part of Chinese weapons with extensive threat”, pointing out according to US navy, the Mach 10 hyper-sonic guide vehicle (HGV) China tested on January 9 reflects China’s foresight on future war. Once China is able to apply that technology, it will has a weapon that can challenge all existing missile-defense systems and widen the range of its ballistic missiles. It takes a few years for such weapons to be usable depending on resolution of the difficult issues of controlling its guidance and making it hit accurately.

The report says that the HGV test makes a step forward of China’s research into anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM) and probably signals the appearance of China’s second generation of ASBMs. According to US China military expert Richard Fisher, the DF-26 missile mentioned in rumor perhaps has a HGV warhead and will have a longer range of 3,000 km than DF-21’s 2,000 km. If China’s DF-31 ICBM is installed with such a warhead, its range will be lengthened from 8,000 km to 12,000 km.

The report believes that the US has to develop directed energy weapon to counter such missiles and the existing missile-defense systems cannot intercept missiles with a speed exceeding Mach 5.