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China’s First Homegrown Aircraft Carrier Uses Electromagnetic Catapult

Recently, Jane’s Defence Weekly has exposed a true photo of China’s homegrown aircraft carrier that it claims to have obtained from Google.

US experts have checked the photo and found that the carrier is installed with an electromagnetic catapult, a technology that the US has just gained mastery and only uses it on one of its carriers, the Ford.

There have been reports that the PLA plans to spend $20 billion to get two aircraft carrier combat groups. If so, the PLA will be the most powerful in East Asia and perhaps, the entire Asia.

In addition, China is building lots of other warships. China is building a few 35,000-ton amphibious attack warships, each of which can carry 4 Zubr LCACs and 20 helicopters. China has obtained one Zubr LCAC
from Ukraine. It is expected the such amphibious warships will be commissioned in 2015.


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