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Putin Approved the Sale Of S-400 Triumf SAM System to China

Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed in principle to the sale of anti-aircraft missile systems S-400 to China, the newspaper "Kommersant", citing a source close to the Kremlin. At the same time director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Alexander Fomin confirmed that negotiations for the supply complexes China are ongoing. The decision to sell the complexes was made in early 2014. 

S-400 Triumf SAM System
S-400 Triumf SAM System

 Ongoing negotiations with China related to the number of complexes and their cost. However, even if a firm contract will be signed in the near future, get new S-400 Beijing could not before 2016. Earlier delivery of arms to China is impossible because first to be held most of the delivery of S-400, ordered by the Ministry of Defense of Russia under the current state armaments program. 

The parties are currently discussing the possibility of delivery to China from two to four battalions of S-400, the structure of each of which consists of eight launchers.


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