Russia Is Currently Not Developing A Light Fifth-Generation Stealth Fighter

The development of light fifth-generation fighter is not one of the top-priority projects of Russian United Aircraft Corporation .

Although Russia don’t eliminate the possibility of developing a light fifth-generation aircraft, but currently this project is not included in the roadmap of United Aircraft Corporation UAC. In the near-term UAC will continue the expansion of MiG-29 fighter’s capabilities and then upgrade it to MiG-35 version.

The contracts with Russian and Indian Ministries of Defense for delivery of MiG-29K/KUB aircraft make UAC focus on production of these fighters, the corporation’s president added.

Head of UAC also said that a vector of development will be defined after completion of work on MiG-29K/35 Family: the corporation will then choose between development of a UCAV and a light fifth-generation fighter concept.

Speaking of possibilities for development of the light fifth-generation fighter, the president of UAC said that copying of US analogues is no good for many reasons. Soviet and Russian aircraft industry had always taken its own way in accordance with the current military doctrine, he added.